Custom View Helpers in Zend Framework

The Zend Framework Manual describes View Helpers like so: “In your view scripts, often it is necessary to perform certain complex functions over and over; e.g., formatting a date, generating form elements, or displaying action links. You can use helper […]

File browsing in Vim

Well-heeled Vim users will no doubt see the following as being pretty obvious. For anyone else like me fumbling around with Vim to the point of giving up, I hope this at least saves you the time I spent until […]

Cheap rounded corners

I like the fact that Jon Hicks, who is well known for designing, amongst other things, the logo for the Firefox web browser, talks about using a cheap rounded corner punch on his business cards in his New Business Cards […]

Getting to know Zend_View

Like many other PHP developers I’m keeping an eye on the progress of the Zend Framework. It’s currently still in the very early stages of development but is nonetheless worth “getting to know”. These are some notes from a play […]