A note about the Zend Framework in Action cover

July 2, 2008

by — Posted in Zend Framework

While chatting to a friend and mentioning that my work on the book included diagrams, he somehow thought that included the cover. So just for clarification; I had no part in the cover other than choosing from a selection of three.

That said, I do quite like the characters on the Manning books even if the accompanying font choice seems a little dated. I imagine that having to choose book covers for tech books must be a painful experience if you don’t have something like the O’Reilly single-tone prints or these Manning characters. This old post on Manning’s forum really made me laugh though:

“As a frequent purchaser of computer books however, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not tell you how thoroughly the cover of the book sucks. It’s major league weirdo shit – and I mean that in the most constructively critical way possible.

Luckily, he wasn’t specifically talking about our cover which could be seen as representing the grace that Zend Framework brings to PHP, that, or it was the best one of the three they showed us. I do like the brown though!