Decorating Zend Developer Zone

If you’re in the mood for design patterns, my article, Decorating with External Data has just been published on Zend Developer Zone and runs through an example of using the Decorator. I’m really interested to see it get a bit […]

Rob Allen’s Zend Framework Tutorial

Anyone looking for a good comprehensive run through of a Zend Framework application should read Rob Allen’s My Take on a Zend Framework Tutorial. As it’s a PDF, you might like to read it using this trick from Jon Udell: […]

RewriteRouter and Zend_Config play together

While getting the hang of the Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter, which is now included in Zend Framework 0.1.5, I was adding the routes in my index.php (bootstrap) file and wondered if there was any way of storing them elsewhere. It is possible to […]

Collaboration Markup

I work in plain text a lot, from using Markdown or more specifically PHP Markdown on this WordPress setup and elsewhere, as well as doing HTML markup and programming PHP. It is therefore not surprising that this article on Collaboration […]

Zend Frameworking

Now that the host for has upgraded to PHP5 I’m working on migrating it to use the Zend Framework. I thought it may be interesting to run through a few of the reasons I’ve chosen to do so especially […]

Custom View Helpers in Zend Framework

The Zend Framework Manual describes View Helpers like so: “In your view scripts, often it is necessary to perform certain complex functions over and over; e.g., formatting a date, generating form elements, or displaying action links. You can use helper […]

File browsing in Vim

Well-heeled Vim users will no doubt see the following as being pretty obvious. For anyone else like me fumbling around with Vim to the point of giving up, I hope this at least saves you the time I spent until […]

Cheap rounded corners

I like the fact that Jon Hicks, who is well known for designing, amongst other things, the logo for the Firefox web browser, talks about using a cheap rounded corner punch on his business cards in his New Business Cards […]