My thoughts on his thoughts on PHP

On the Zend Framework mailing list JurriĆ«n Stutterheim asked for thoughts on his blog post PHP… what to say?. I started replying to the list but found I’d written so much that it was better to clutter up my own […]


We’ve been working with Tim and Wandy, the owners of Planula Bed and Breakfast/Divers Retreat, for over three years now on their site and for almost the same amount of time have been saying that we need to update […]

Decorating Zend Developer Zone

If you’re in the mood for design patterns, my article, Decorating with External Data has just been published on Zend Developer Zone and runs through an example of using the Decorator. I’m really interested to see it get a bit […]

Rob Allen’s Zend Framework Tutorial

Anyone looking for a good comprehensive run through of a Zend Framework application should read Rob Allen’s My Take on a Zend Framework Tutorial. As it’s a PDF, you might like to read it using this trick from Jon Udell: […]