My thoughts on his thoughts on PHP

On the Zend Framework mailing list JurriĆ«n Stutterheim asked for thoughts on his blog post PHP… what to say?. I started replying to the list but found I’d written so much that it was better to clutter up my own […]

Using Netinfo Manager to add hosts

As an addition to my Networked Virtual Hosting Party on Mac OS X article, comments in the How To Setup Development Domains On OS X article on The Apple Blog pointed to something I’d not tried before; using NetInfo Manager […]

Seven of Diamonds

Lying in the dark, lit only by the glare of my MacBook I suddenly had one of those “Woah!!”, shoot-out-of-skin experiences, as, flicking through Cal Evans PHP Community Playing Cards, I suddenly came face-to-face with this one. It seems these […]


We’ve been working with Tim and Wandy, the owners of Planula Bed and Breakfast/Divers Retreat, for over three years now on their site and for almost the same amount of time have been saying that we need to update […]